Tuition is dead, long live revision – Tip two

RIP TuitionFollowing on from tip one, to produce a set of shorter and more exam focused revision notes.

Tip two – practice past exam questions

Having identified the key examinable topics and produced a set of notes that are based on them, the next step is to select one or two past questions from each area and practice them. In fact although I describe the process as, complete the notes first and then look at the questions, you may of course look to answer questions on each of the areas as you are preparing each section of the notes.

 If when you are trying to answer one of these questions you find you can’t, look at the answer, then attempt the question. If despite having the answer in front of you, you still can’t answer the question, then work through it until can. Amend your revision notes to include anything that you have learned that will be of use when you come to attempt a similar question. Carry this process on until you have covered all the must learn examinable areas. Then go through the same process with the should learn and the would be nice to learn.

In a perfect world you would study and make notes on every topic, in reality, you probably won’t, you will end up having to miss something out. If you follow the process described above, you will at the very least end up with a set of notes, all be them incomplete, on the most examinable topics. More importantly using the time that you have saved, you will have had the opportunity to practice answering past exam questions which will have taught you so much more than any notes can ever do.

If you find you lack a little self discipline and think that on your own you will not be able to do this, then once again a revision course may be worth considering. Having other people around who are in the same boat and share the “dislike” of the subject or of the “examiner” can for some reason make the whole process a little easier and slightly less stressful. You will also have to work at a pace that will increase the number of questions you get through in a day and so your chances of passing.

Tip three I will post on Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Tuition is dead, long live revision – Tip two

  1. Hi Stuart my hubby brought your book for me after seeing the advert in the PQ magazine – to be honest i have not read all of it as i was given ‘A Students Guide to Auditing’ in the same series.
    Your book is brilliant! – I love it especially the Forrest Gump movie extracts – the lay out and the diagrams. I can relate to all your comments and love your advice…I’m currently in the process of drafting my study timetable (pg 186)!
    However I am having trouble mind mapping acca notes –from approved providers Kaplan and BPP…I plan on taking two discursive papers for the December sitting and i want to apply this technique as the maps which i have created in the past, have been successful, you are right in what you say they are the most effective studying techniques…Mind Maps do work!
    I think my methodology is wrong…Is it possible for you to give an example from your book i.e. MM the motivation chapter which i can use for reference…
    PS i have most of Tony Buzan’s Books and I’m still unable to apply the technique 

    From a desperate student!


    • Akeelah
      Thanks for your comments about the book; I am glad you like it. You can find guidance on how to prepare a mind map on page 136 of the book, also take a look on the blog there is a link in the Blogroll which shows a video of Tony Buzan explaining how to mind map.

      With regard to ACCA, when you first start a new subject as it suggests in the book, it is not a bad idea to take the chapters as your starting point. And although you will have far too many branches from the main theme at the centre, as you gain a better understanding of the subject you should be able to reduce them down to something more manageable, 4 to 6 branches. If you search under memory techniques in the category search on the blog you will find my mind map for Financial Strategy, and although this is a CIMA subject it will give you some idea.

      I do have a plan to produce some small video clips showing exactly how to do this so please keep watching the Blog.
      Thanks again for your post


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